Ama Town

Nakanoshima Island, where Ama Town is located, is the second smallest inhabited island in the Oki Islands, with a population of about 2,300. The town is blessed with rich resources such as beautiful and delicious spring water. The inhabitants have been maintaining a lifestyle combining agriculture and fishing for decades.

The Oki Islands were once designated as islands of exile, and Nakanoshima Island also took in aristocrats defeated in the struggle for power. One of the most well-known figures exiled to the island was Emperor Go-Toba, who was defeated in the Jōkyū War (1221) during the Kamakura period (1185–1333). He lived on the island for 19 years and wrote many waka (Japanese poems) during his stay. Oki Shrine on the island is dedicated to the talented but ill-fated Emperor Go-Toba, who became the deity of waka.

One of the famous sightseeing spots of Nakanoshima Island is the instagram-worthy Heart Rock at Akiya Coast. There is also Mt. Kinkō-ji, where you can enjoy a sweeping view of Nakanoshima Island and the Dōgo Channel.

The Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW is a popular cruise which allows you to discover the beauty of the underwater world. Night Prayer at Oki Shrine (guided tour) is a one-of-a-kind activity to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the shrine at night. Nakanoshima Island is characterized by its relatively flat terrain in the Oki Islands. If you rent a bicycle at the port of Ama Town, you can visit every corner of the island.

For accommodation, a wide selection of facilities are available on the island. You can choose to stay at a luxurious hotel, or at a clean and comfortable B&B, or enjoy the warm hospitality and experience local culture at a minshuku (private lodging).
Come and enjoy the moment of bliss on the island of traditional culture, where blessings of nature are rich!