Nishinoshima Town

Nishinoshima Island is the second largest island of the Oki Islands. It is also the largest and most populated of the Dōzen Islands. Nishinoshima Town, the town on the island, has around 2,800 residents.

The must-see sightseeing spot, Kuniga Coast, is located on the western side of the island, and is also the home of Matengai Cliff, a vertical sea cliff standing at a towering height of 257 m, and the photogenic Tsūtenkyō Arch. To enjoy the admired scenery of Kuniga Coast, you can hop on a sightseeing boat, bus, or go on a hike.

The 452 m tall Mt. Takuhi, which is the remains of a volcano, also offers a pleasant hiking experience, with the stunning panorama of the Dōzen Islands as a reward. Halfway up the mountain, you will also find Takuhi Shrine sitting partly inside a cave, constructed in 1732 and designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Another famous shrine on the island is Yurahime Shrine, which is also known as the Squid Shrine. Dedicated to the deity of fishing, the shrine’s festival is held in odd-numbered years, and the energetic mikoshi (portable shrine) parade attracts spectators both locally and from afar.
Apart from shrines and natural wonders, Nishinoshima Town is also acclaimed as the site where rock oysters were first successfully cultivated in Japan. This local delicacy is in season from spring to early summer; don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy them fresh on the island!