How to Enjoy Your Crossing with the Ferries of Oki Kisen Ferry Line

07 How to Enjoy Your Crossing with the Ferries of Oki Kisen Ferry Line

The crossing to the Oki Islands on a ferry may seem like a very long journey, but you will be there in the blink of an eye! Here are a few tips for a comfortable and enjoyable crossing with the Oki Kisen ferries. To find out how to buy the ticket and how to board the ferries, read this article.


  1. Seating and Luggage Space
  2. Vending Machines & Kiosk, Eating & Drinking
  3. Toilets, Outside Deck, Internet & Electric Outlets, Nursing Room

Seating and Luggage Space


1. Seating

Unlike many other ferry services, there aren’t seats in the standard rooms! Instead, there are carpeted floor spaces in the rooms where passengers pick a spot, sit or lie down and chill. Occasionally, you will find parts of the carpeted area marked off with white ropes and a card that says “予約席”. Those are reserved spaces* for passengers travelling in groups. Please refrain from occupying those areas if you have not made a reservation. There are pillows and blankets for rent to help make your ferry crossing more enjoyable. There is a small fee for the blankets but you can use the pillows for free; don’t take them off the ferry though!
*Standard 2nd Class ticket reservations are for passengers travelling in groups of more than 15 only.

Luggage Space

2. Luggage Space

If you are travelling to the Oki Islands with huge suitcases or big backpacks, please put your luggage in the luggage space, which is near the information counter, kiosk and the elevator on the first floor of the passenger deck of all three ferries. Please take your valuables with you. It is not an easy task to locate the luggage space for first-timers, but fear not! The crew will point out where the luggage area is when they see you boarding the ferry with a huge suitcase.

If you are travelling with a small suitcase (the one that you can put in the overhead compartment in a plane), you can bring them into the passenger rooms with you. Please do not put your suitcase on the carpet. When you put your suitcase in the aisle, make sure it is not an obstacle for other passengers. It is a good idea to lay your luggage on its side so it does not accidentally roll across the room during the crossing!

It is also a good idea to store your small suitcase in the luggage space if the ferry is quite packed with passengers, especially during the high seasons.

Vending Machines & Kiosk, Eating & Drinking

Vending Machines & Kiosk

There are some vending machines and a small kiosk (some snacks and hot coffee available!) on the first floor of the passenger deck of all three ferries. How about an ice cream for your ferry crossing in the hot summer?

Eating & Drinking

You can bring your snacks and drinks on board and enjoy them in the passenger rooms. But please be careful not to spill anything on the carpet or blankets. If it unfortunately happens, please inform the staff.

There are also some chairs and tables on the second floor of the passenger deck. Please place rubbish in the bins or containers provided after enjoying your food or drinks.

Toilets, Outside Deck, Internet & Electric Outlets, Nursing Room


There are some toilets on both floors of the passenger deck. The barrier free toilet is located on the first floor of the passenger deck.

Outside Deck

6. Outside Deck

You can go onto the deck outside the second floor for some fresh air and the beautiful scenery of the ferry crossing. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of dolphins or flying fish!

It can get quite windy sometimes, so hold on to your small belongings and be careful not to drop your smartphone or camera when capturing unforgettable moments!
*For safety reasons, passengers are not allowed on the deck outside if it is a rainy or windy day.

Internet Connection and Electricity

There is a free Wi-Fi connection on the ferries, but sometimes the connection can be unstable during the crossing.  If you are planning to read an e-book, watch a movie, or your favorite series, we suggest downloading them on your tablet or laptop in advance.

There are very limited power sockets for you to charge your electronics in the passenger rooms, so we suggest bringing a power bank with you.

Nursing Room

There is a nursing room on all three of the ferries. If you would like to use the room, please seek assistance from the ferry crew.

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Author: Cleo Wong