Discover how the land was created!

    • Ama Town
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    Cruise along the tall cliffs of the island.
    This 1 hr cruise tour departs Ama Town's Hishiura Port to visit the geopark sites of Ama Town—Saburō-iwa Rocks and Akiya Coast—and continues on to circle Matsushima, the largest of the uninhabited Oki Islands, before returning to Hishiura Port.

    The cruise is attended by a specialized Geopark Guide, who will introduce the magnificence of the islands' nature and how it came to be. The boat stops quite close to the rocks and islands, making it perfect for photography! Get in touch with the nature, geology, and even some history of the Oki Islands, along with scenery that can only be seen from this cruise.

    This experience is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the grand nature of the Oki Islands and their beautiful green-shimmering sea.

    *7 days prior booking required.

    Basic information

    Fee per person changes depending on number of passengers.
    2 persons: 20,000 JPY
    3 persons: 13,500 JPY
    4 persons: 10,000 JPY
    5 persons: 8,000 JPY
    6-7 persons: 6,500 JPY
    8-12 persons: 5,000 JPY
    Decided upon booking
    Around 1 hr

    Ama Town Tourism Association