Ama Town Walking Tour

Find out why so many people move to Ama Town!

This walking tour will take you from the center of Ama Town, where Oki Shrine and the Burial Site of Emperor Go-Toba is located, through Higashi area and to the top of Mt. Kinkō-ji (146 m). The tour ends at a lookout on Mt. Kinkō-ji, from where you can marvel at the view of the rural scenery of the town, rice fields and other islands in the background.
Ama Town is located on Nakanoshima Island, the only island in Dōzen area with enough flatland to sustain rice fields. It is also an island well-known to history lovers, due to emperor Go-Toba being exiled and spending the rest of his life here.

Why was an emperor exiled to this specific island? Why are there a flatland and rice fields? Take a walk with a guide and find out how the island's formation affected the history and daily lives of the islanders.

The guide will adjust the topics to fit your interests and need, making this tour accessible to everyone, including children. From daily lives of the residents, to detailed information about the island's flora and fauna, do not hesitate to ask us any questions!

*Advance booking min. seven days before the tour necessary.
*The route is 5 km long.


Decided during the booking
3-4 hr
JPY 16,500 per three persons (additional fee of JPY 5,500 per each additional person)
08514-2-1313 (Englis
NPO Oki Shizen Mura
Meeting place
In front of Emperor Gotoba Museum
Meeting place Access
From Hishiura Port
20 min by bicycle
15 min by bus
10 min by car
Meeting Place Map
Oki Shrine, Higashi area, Mt. Kinkō-ji (5 km on foot)

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