Ama Town Geotour

Discover the mysteries of the land!

During this tour you will be guided trough four of the most popular geopark sites in Ama Town.
The visitors will stay at each site around 50 minutes and explore with the guide about the history and formation of the island, and how those factors influenced the present Ama Town. 
Oki Shrine with nearby sites related to Emperor Go-Toba who was exiled here in 13th century

Mt. Kinkō-ji with nearby sites related to Ono no Takamura who was exiled to here in 9th century

Shiokaze Farm where cattle for the flavourful Oki Beef is raised

Akiya Coast, the place of the last volcanic eruption on the island

*The route starts near the Oki Shrine bus stop and ends at Akiya Coast bus stop.
*Transport between sites by your own car, a rental car or sightseeing taxi. Bookings and fees of those are not included in this tour and have to be done seperately by the visitor.


Year-round (excl. 20 Jul–10 Aug)
Decided during the booking
3-4 hr
JPY 19,800 per three persons (additional fee of JPY 6,600 per each additional person)
08514-2-1313 (Eng)
NPO Oki Shizen Mura
Meeting place
In front of Emperor Gotoba Museum
Meeting Place Map
Oki Shrine, Akiya Coast, Mt. Kinkō-ji

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