[Spring Nature Expo] Desert Island Kayaking & BBQ (with rock oysters)

Spend your own special time at a secluded coast on an uninhabited island

First, kayak to an uninhabited island where a private rocky beach awaits. Observe the interesting coastline formed by the waves and winds, and enjoy the view of the transparent water. After landing, make a bonfire using the collected driftwood and enjoy a seafood BBQ with iwagaki rock oysters. Rest assured even if you are a kayak beginner, a veteran guide will accompany you and lead you on the adventure.


March 1st to April 23rd (excluding Wednesdays and Thursdays) *Reservation required 3 days in advance
Session Time
AM: 10:00-14:00
PM: 14:00-18:00
*For afternoon departures, the BBQ will be held after returning to Shionohama Beach and not at the uninhabited island.
4 hr
14,400 yen per person (2-4 persons)
Included in price
Kayak rental fee, guide attendance fee, ingredients fee (Oki Islands brand iwagaki oyster "Seikai", Shimane Wagyu beef, seafood, vegetable platter), BBQ set rental fee, BBQ site usage fee
Kaiyō Sports Center
Meeting place
Kaiyō Sports Center
Meeting Place Address
1537-1 Tsudo, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
Meeting place Access
20 min by car from Saigō Port
Meeting Place Map
Same as the meeting place

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