[Spring Nature Expo] Bird Watching & Forest Ecotour on Uninhabited Island

A unique adventure for nature lovers.

The uninhabited island you will visit during this tour has not been touched by humans, and the native vegetation of the Oki Islands is well-preserved there. On the other hand, on inhabited islands where people live, buildings and fields are being developed in many places. By taking a bird's-eye view of these two environments and vegetation, take some time to think about the impact of human life on the environment and coexistence with nature.

All around the world, islands and coastal areas are facing a big issue of marine garbage that washes ashore throughout the year. It is no different on the Oki Islands, and during this tour, you will have a chance to learn about plastic waste flowing into the sea, and ways we can help. This tour is not only about enjoying nature and the precious island environment, it is also about helping it!

Please note that the tour is subject to cancellation in case of bad weather. Final decision is taken at 8 am of the day of the tour.

Please book from this Booking Google Form.


March 18th (Sat), March 19th (Sun), April 2-23rd (Saturdays and Sundays only)
*Reservation required 7 days in advance
Session Time
08:45-12:45 am
4 hr
Target age
10 - years old
5,500 yen per person (3-5 persons)
*A separate charter boat fee of 5,500 yen/person to the uninhabited island is required
Included in price
*10% of the activity fee will be used as funds for nature conservation activities.
Easy-to-move clothes, small towel, drinks, change of clothes
*Spike shoes and work gloves will be prepared by the organizer.
NPO Oki Shizen Mura (for questions please contact Shima Factory at 050-1807-2689)
Meeting place
Toyoda Bus Stop
Meeting place Access
15 minutes by car from Hishiura Port
About 30 minutes by the public bus (get off at "Toyoda")
Omorijima Island

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