[Spring Nature Expo] Sekiheki (Red Cliff) Sightseeing Boat in Spring

See this bright red cliff from the sea on a spring sightseeing boat excursion.

"Sekiheki'' is a precipitous cliff that stretches for about 1 km on the west coast of Chiburijima Island. It is also designated as a national scenic spot and a natural monument. You can enjoy its different appearances depending on the time of day, and the scenery illuminated by the orange sunset is especially impressive. There is an observatory from where you can see the cliff from the side, but the view from the sightseeing boat is also worth seeing.


March 1st to April 22nd *Reservation required 3 days in advance
Decided upon booking. The tour can be operated anytime between 12:00 and 6:30 pm.
50 min
Without guide
1-6 persons: JPY 9,000
7 persons and more: additional fee of JPY 1,500 per each additional person

With guide
1-6 persons: JPY 12,000
7 persons and more: additional fee of JPY 2,000 per each additional person
(Example: JPY 12,000 per person in case of 1-person-use; JPY 6,000 per person in case of 2-person-use)
In case of bad weather
The sightseeing boat route might be changed due to the weather conditions.
How to confirm cancellation
The organizer will contact you by phone in case of cancellation.
Bentenmaru (Contact: Chiburijima Island Tourism Association)
Meeting place
In front of Kurii Port Terminal (Chibu Village)
Same as the meeting place

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