Notice about Road Closures

Notice about Road Closures

Check before sightseeing!

Some roads and services on the islands are closed and suspended due to damage caused by a typhoon at strong rainstorms in 2021. This article will be updated as new information comes to our attention, but make sure to inquire at the tourism offices for the latest information.

! Please check the map linked below before travelling around the Oki Islands. Currently, we do not know when some of the roads will be opened again.
! Please be careful while driving around the islands as there are fallen trees and rocks in some places. Also, please stay away from such places as additional rockfalls and tree hazards may occur.
! Heavy rain could trigger landslide and other potential disasters. Some roads are not in their best conditions as there might be small rocks fallen and soil washed on to the roads. Before visiting the sightseeing spots, please visit the tourism office to ask for details. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Nishinoshima Town:
Mimiura Campground is closed for the 2021 season due to the damaged electric installations and waterworks.
Shimane-bana Campground is closed for the time being.
・The road leading to Takuhi Shrine has is closed. The restoration works are still underway. The road from Hashi area (where Hotel Rosage is located) will open partially from 1st August.
・One of the routes leading to Akao Lookout is closed due to damage. The restoration works are underway. Please take the route which starts at Shakunoe area (the three-way junction where the bus stop is located) if you wish to access Akao Lookout and Onimai Lookout.

Ama Town:
・Some local roads are closed, but the main sightseeing spots are accessible.

Chibu Village:
・All roads are open. Some small rocks and soil might still be on the roads, so please be careful when driving.

Okinoshima Town:
The places below are still closed.
Candle Rock Lookout Point
Shirashima Coast Walking Trail leading down to the coast is currently closed, but the lookout at the top is open.
・Nakadani Car Park - this is the car park near Shizen-kaiki-no-mori Forest, Tokage-iwa Rock and Byobu-iwa Rock. All these sites cannot be accessed at the moment.
Mōmō Dome is currently closed. The restoration works are underway.
・The boardwalk at Yui Pond is currently closed. 
Noritabana Walking Trail
・The roads to the Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar are undergoing roadworks. 
    Road from Fuse Area (where Jōdogaura Coast is located) is closed from July to September and will reopen in October.
    Road from Harada Area (where Chōshi Dam is located) is open from July to September and will be closed from October.

Click here to access the Google Map with sightseeing spots and roads that are currently not accessible.