Planning Your Visit?

Planning Your Visit?

Some roads might be closed!

[Updated on 15 May 2023]
Some roads on the islands are closed due to damage caused by a typhoon and strong rainstorms in 2021. This article will be updated as new information comes to our attention, but make sure to inquire at the tourism offices for the latest information.

! Please check the map linked below before travelling around the Oki Islands.
! Please be careful while driving around the islands as some roads are not in their best condition.
! Before visiting the sightseeing spots, please visit the tourism office to ask for details. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Nishinoshima Town:
Takuhi Shrine:
The road from Hashi area (where Hotel Rosage is located) is temporarily converted from two-lane two-way traffic into one-lane two-way traffic, as the restoration works are still underway. The road from Ōyama area is still closed.
Akao Lookout:
One of the routes leading to the looking is closed due to damage. The restoration works are underway. Please take the route which starts at Shakunoe area (the three-way junction where the bus stop is located) if you wish to access Akao Lookout and Onimai Lookout.

Ama Town:
・Some local roads are closed, but the main sightseeing spots are accessible.

Chibu Village:
・Some local roads are closed, but the main sightseeing spots are accessible.

Okinoshima Town:
The below sites are closed:
・The road to Nagu-saki Cape is closed and under construction between 24th May and 12th August 2023.
・Candle Rock Lookout Point in Ojirobana Park (completely closed due to landslides)
・Noritabana Walking Trail (completely closed due to landslides)
・The boardwalk at Yui Pond is currently closed. The lookout point near the parking lot is open.

Click here to access the Google Map with sightseeing spots and roads that are currently not accessible.