How to Enjoy Your Crossing on the Fast Ferry Rainbow Jet

How to Enjoy Your Crossing on the Fast Ferry Rainbow Jet

It takes around 1 – 2 hours to travel to the Oki Islands from the main island of Japan on the fast ferry; you will be there in no time! Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your crossing with the Rainbow Jet. To find out how to make a reservation, buy the ticket and how to board the Rainbow Jet, read this article

1. Seating

1. Seating

There are passenger seats only on the fast ferry; there are no floor spaces like the ones on the ferries. The seats on the Rainbow Jet are not allocated even if you have made a reservation; you can pick a preferred seat for your crossing.

The Rainbow Jet is a hydrofoil, which raises 3 metres above the water level and travels at a great speed. For your safety, seatbelts must be fastened at all times during the crossing (just like when you are on a plane!).

The barrier-free seats are on the 1st floor, near the doors of the vessel.

2. Luggage Space

2. Luggage Space

Please be reminded that there is a size limit for hand luggage on the fast ferry. Passengers are allowed to bring onboard suitcases or bags less than 1m in size (height + width + depth) and 10kg in weight, with an allowance of two pieces per person. Please consult with the crew at the terminal if your suitcase or bag is larger than the mentioned size. Take the ferries instead if you are travelling with large suitcases.

There are some overhead spaces for hand luggage above the seats on the left- and right-hand side of the vessel. You can store your bags in the overhead space. If your bags don’t fit in the space, don’t worry! There are a few designated luggage areas on the first floor of the vessel, and they are all near the doors of the vessel. To ensure the safety and convenience of all passengers, please do not leave your luggage in the aisles.

3. Eating & Drinking

Unlike the ferries, there are no vending machines, kiosks and trash bins on the fast ferry. If you would like to grab some snacks or a drink for your fast ferry journey, we recommend picking them up before you board the vessel. And when you leave the vessel, please bring your trash with you; there are trash cans at the ferry terminals and ports.

4. Toilets

There are toilets on both floors of the fast ferry.
The barrier-free toilet is located on the 1st floor of the right-hand side of the fast ferry.

5. Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the vessel.

6. Motion Sickness

It happens, and it can happen to anyone, especially when the fast ferry hits rough water. Inside the front pocket of each seat, there is a sickness bag. Please use it when you feel the need, and securely fasten the bag afterwards. Reclining your seat can help beat motion sickness a little. 

7. Internet Connection

There is no free Wi-Fi available on the fast ferry, and internet connection can get very weak when the vessel is in the middle of the sea. But fear not! With the speed of the Rainbow Jet, you will be there on the islands in no time!

8. COVID-19 Measures

At Sakaiminato Port and Shichirui Port, you will have your temperature checked after purchasing your ticket at the ferry terminal. There are hand sanitizers on the vessel and you must wear a face mask when you are on board.

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Author: Cleo Wong


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