Oki Shrine Spring Festival

Oki Shrine Spring Festival

[14 April 2022]
A festival dedicated to Emperor Go-Toba in spring.

This festival is organized to honor the divine virtues of Emperor Go-Toba, and also brings all the spring festivals on the island to a close. "Jōkyū-gaku" (Intangible Cultural Property of Ama Town), a specially choreographed dance to the traditional Japanese verse written by Emperor Go-Toba, is performed as dedication. There is also an offering of flower arrangements made by local groups, and a tea ceremony is held to show hospitality. On the day before the festival, a tug-of-war tournament is held at Oki Shrine Gaien, which many groups from outside the islands also join. The event is dedicated to Emperor Go-Toba, who was accomplished in various arts.


Event Date(s)
14 April
Oki Shrine, Nakazato Area
1784 Ama, Ama-cho, Oki-gun
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