Chibu Village

The serenity of history. A pastoral song of the Earth.

Chiburijima Island is the smallest of the Oki Islands, with a population of about 600.

Due to its small size, it offers the authentic experience of a remote island, and its magnificent natural beauty and ancient traditions have been carefully preserved.

The rocky walls of Sekiheki (Red Cliff) have turned a stunning reddish-bronze due to volcanic lava spray coming into contact with the air, offering magnificent views of the inner workings of the earth.
On Mt. Akahage, the cattle grazing in open pastures are a very pleasant sight.

The sea waters off Shimazushima Island, an uninhabited island that can be reached by walking across a bridge, are incredibly clear, making it a sightseeing spot not to be missed.

Despite the island’s small size, novel gourmet experiences can be enjoyed here, such as a ramen shop that uses seafood broth, a cafe built in a renovated barn, and a French cuisine hideaway spot that uses local Oki produce.

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Chibu Village

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