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    Immerse in Nature on the Hidden Isles

    Designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark, the Oki Islands are known for their abundance of natural beauty and a unique culture that offers a different experience from the main islands of Japan.
    Here, visitors can step back, connect with nature, and develop authentic connections with the island people.

    On the map of the Oki Islands, Okinoshima Town (Dōgo Island) is located in the north, and Nishinoshima Town (Nishinoshima Island), Ama Town (Nakanoshima Island) and Chibu Village (Chiburijima Island) are located in the south.

    About Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark

    Located approximately 60 km north of the border between the prefectures of Shimane and Tottori, the Oki Islands encompass approximately 180 islands in total, including 4 inhabited islands.
    The environment surrounding the Oki Islands, including marine life, fisheries, and diverse human activities, is itself recognized as the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.

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