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Okinoshima Town

A large island, where the trees of the gods dwell.

The largest and most populous of the four Oki Islands is called Dōgo, home to approximately 13,600 people.

Since prehistoric times, many people and their cultures have been drawn to this area due to the high-quality obsidian extracted here.

Many shrines still remain in the area, indicating the coexistence of different customs and dialects, which fostered diverse cultures.

Many natural Japanese cedars, hundreds or thousands of years old, and oddly shaped rocks exist here, offering visitors a glimpse of the culture and mystery of ancient times.

Highlights include the trees known as the Four Great Japanese Cedars, the Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls deep in the forest, the sightseeing boat that goes by Rōsoku-jima (Candle Island), known for its resemble to a burning candle, and strolling around the Nishimachi area near Saigō Port.

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Okinoshima Town

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