Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar

Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar

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A place where nature and religious beliefs meet
Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar is a huge tree that stands quietly on the side of Mt. Daimanji, the Oki Islands' highest peak. This tree is 800 years old and about 30 m tall, with a 5 m trunk that branches into 15 parts. From these parts hang about 24 large and small drooping roots. Here you can feel a mysterious atmosphere in an area that feels cool even in the summer, particularly just after rain.
Close by the tree are two trail entrances to Mt. Daimanji (around 1 hour one way, steep). Around 15 minutes walk up the hill is the entrance to the trail for Washigamine Ridge and Byōbu-iwa (Folding Screen Rock). Some of the trails have been damaged after strong rains and subsequent landslides, so it is recommended to hire a guide when hiking these trails.  Washigamine Ridge Hiking Trail Guided Tour A Pocket Guide to Outdoor Activities in the Oki Islands

    Basic information

    Fuse, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
    From Saigō Port:
    65 min by car
    *The local bus does not go to Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar.
    *It takes around 1.5 hr to walk to the tree from the nearest bus stop.
    *The closest shops and places to eat are in Fuse area, at the bottom of the mountain. Please bring some drinks and food with you when you visit.
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