Washigamine Ridge Hiking Trail Guided Tour

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    Explore the deep forest and unusual rocks!
    *This trail is currently undergoing some works, and is not accessible. To be reopened later in the year.
    Washigamine Ridge is a ridge with steep cliffs on three sides. Byobu-iwa (Folding Screen Rock), an 80-meter-high rock formed of columnar joints, is visible from the lookout point at the end of the trail. According to a legend, a hole in the side of the cliff face is a place of tengu (a legendary creature in Japanese folklore) worship.

    An unexplored natural forest featuring around 800 giant Japanese cedar trees stretches over the nearby area. Other places of interest along he trail is Tokage-iwa (Lizard Rock) Lookout Point and the habitat of the endemic species of salamander, Oki Salamander.

    Trail length: 5 km

    *Please be aware that in someplaces you will have to use ropes and climb a steep rockface.
    *The guide can meet you at your accommodation and help you navigate as you drive your rental car, or you can meet at the trail enterance. Please inquire during booking.

    Basic information

    JPY 20,000 per 1-4 persons (JPY 5,000 per any additional person)
    4 hr
    Morning Session: 9:00 am
    Afternoon Session: 1:00 pm
    Meeting place
    Nakadani Car Park
    Additional notes
    *The tour might get cancelled due to bad weather or weather warnings (strong rain, lightning).

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