Nishinoshima Town

Mt. Takuhi, fishing traditions, and spectacular views.

The Oki Islands are broadly divided into two main areas, Dōgo and Dōzen, with Nishinoshima the largest of the three islands known as Dōzen. The islands’ population is approximately 2,600.

The Matengai Cliff on the Kuniga Coast is famous for its spectacular views, and the sight of cows and horses by the steep cliffs and the sea is well worth seeing.

Takuhi Shrine, located on the highest mountain in the Dōzen area, has long been popular as a holy place to pray for safe sea voyages, so much so that it was depicted in paintings by famous artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige.

Near Yurahime Shrine, listed as one of Japan’s ichinomiya* shrines, there is a beach called Ikayose-no-hama (Squid Beach), indicating that fishing has been prosperous here since ancient times. Taking a sightseeing boat ride from Uragō Port and hiking on the Matengai Cliff are highly recommended.

*”Ichinomiya” is a shrine rank, that was designated from the late 7th century to around the 10th century, and is considered to be the highest-ranking shrine in the area.

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Nishinoshima Town

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