Akao Lookout

Akao Lookout

    • Nature & Scenery
    • Nishinoshima Town
The best place to photograph Kuniga Coast.
Akao Lookout is an ideal photography spot as it overlooks Matengai Cliff, Tsūtenkyō Arch and Kuniga Bay. Cows and horses graze in the fields nearby, so please keep an eye out for them when driving or riding through the area

    Basic information

    Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
    From Beppu Port:
    25 min by car
    1 hr 10 min by bicycle
    *The town bus does not go to Akao Lookout
    *Cows and horses are kept in this area. Please keep a safe distance from them as the animals might become aggressive if they feel irritated by human actions.
    *There are no shops or restaurants nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you.
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    This sightseeing spot is one of the sites of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.

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