Location of the Oki Islands

Located in the Sea of Japan 40–80 km north of Shimane Peninsula, the Oki Islands are a collection of many uninhabited islands and four inhabited islands: Dōgo Island, Nishinoshima Island, Nakanoshima Island and Chiburijima Island.
Okinoshima Town is on the largest island (Dōgo Island) and lies slightly away from the other three inhabited islands.
Nishinoshima Town, Ama Town and Chibu Village, lying respectively on Nishinoshima Island, Nakanoshima Island and Chiburijima Island, lie closer to each other and are collectively known as the Dōzen Islands.

Things to Know about the Access to the Oki Islands

  • Number of Gateways 4

    • Shimane, Shichirui Port
    • Tottori, Sakaiminato Port
    • Osaka, Itami Airport
    • Shimane, Izumo Airport

    *There are connecting buses bound for the ports.

  • Number of Transportation Methods 3

    • 2 flights per day (*1 from Osaka Itami Airport, 1 from Izumo Airport)
    • 3 ferries
    • 1 fast ferry

    *Timetable changes depending on the season.

  • Number of Entrances 5


    • Oki Airport
    • Okinoshima Town, Saigō Port


    • Nishinoshima Town, Beppu Port
    • Ama Town, Hishiura Port
    • Chibu Village, Kurii Port

Access from the Main Island (Honshu) to the Oki Islands

By Plane

There is only one airport in the Oki Islands and it is located in Okinoshima Town (Dōgo Island). You can take non-stop flights operated by Japan Airlines (JAL) from Izumo Airport (Shimane Prefecture) and Itami Airport (Osaka) to Okinoshima Town.
There are connecting buses operating between the airport and Saigō Port, from which ferries bound for the other islands depart.
Please note that the bus will be delayed in case of a flight delay.
*You can also catch a flight, operated by All Nippon Airlines (ANA), to Yonago Airport in Tottori Prefecture. See below for details.

Osaka Itami Airport - [Okinoshima Town] Saigō Port

  1. Itami Airport Depart at 10:30 am

    JAL 2331 Approx. 50min *One flight per day

  2. Oki Global Geopark Airport (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town) Depart at 11:20 am

    Connecting bus approx. 10min

  3. Saigō Port (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town) Arrive at Around 11:30

Matsue Station - [Dōgo Island] Saigō Port

  1. Matsue Station Depart at 7:20

    Connecting bus approx. 35min

  2. Izumo Airport Arrive at 7:55 am Depart at 9:00 am

    JAL 3433 approx. 30min *One flight per day

  3. Oki Global Geopark Airport (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town) Depart at 9:30 am

    Connecting bus approx. 10min

  4. Saigō Port (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town) Arrive at Around 9:40

About the access between Oki Global Geopark Airport and Saigō Port

  • The connecting bus operates based on the flight schedule and plane arrival times.
    The bus departs from the bus stop in front of the airport after all luggage has arrived. You can pay only in cash.
    Fee: JPY 520 per adult, JPY 260 per child
  • Taxi service is available at the airport on an irregular basis. Bookings are recommended especially on weekends, around holidays, and in tourism season.

    Taxi Companies (Japanese language only)
    Oki Kanko Taxi
    San Taxi
    Shima Taxi
    Saigo Taxi
    Minato Taxi
    Yoshida Taxi
    Tsuma Taxi
    Nakamura Taxi
    Goka Taxi

By Ferry

Ferries and fast ferry Rainbow Jet (hydrofoil) operate from Sakaiminato Port (Tottori Prefecture) and Shichirui Port (Shimane Prefecture). Please note that the timetable changes depending on the season and the fast ferry service does not operate during the winter months. Please check the latest timetable at the Oki Kisen Ferry Line websiteThis will open in a new tab. .

Connecting buses to Sakaiminato Port or Shichirui Port are available from Matsue JR Station and Sakaiminato Station. The bus timetable is provided along with the ferry timetable on the Oki Kisen Ferry Line website. There is also a bus that connects Izumo Airport and Matsue JR Station.
Please note that flights landing in Yonago Airport do not have a connecting bus bound for the ports. Make sure to check the information when making plans for your trip. Going by train or taxi might be necessary when arriving through Yonago Airport.

Before your travels, take a moment to have a look at the short informational videos showing how to board the ferry and what kind of facilities are available on the ferries: Oki Kisen Ferry Line VideosThis will open in a new tab. (English subtitles available).

Prior booking is highly recommended if you wish to use the fast ferry Rainbow Jet.
You must make a reservation in advance if you plan to take a vehicle with you to the islands, and you must arrive at the port 60 minutes before the departure time to board your vehicle on the ferry. For more information, please see this article.

Fast Ferry Rainbow Jet BookingsThis will open in a new tab.
Fast Ferry Rainbow Jet