Rent-a-Car (Nishinoshima Island)

    • Nishinoshima Town
There are three rent-a-car companies in Nishinoshima Town with more than 20 vehicles available; including tuk tuks (auto rickshaws). Prior booking is highly recommended.
Please use the booking form or contact the tourism association by e-mail or phone for booking. You can also book directly with the rent-a-car companies in Japanese.
1. Kuniga Rent-a-Car (Beppu Port & Uragō Port): prices start from JPY 3,500 for three hours (Tel: 08514-7-8088)
2. Dozen Rent-a-Car (Beppu Port): prices start from JPY 5,000 for three hours (Tel: 08514-2-2292)
3. ACN Rent-a-Car (Beppu Port): prices start from JPY 2,750 for three hours (Tel: 080-6260-2456)
*To rent a car in Japan, you will need either an international driving permit or a translation of your driver's license. Please check the rules that apply to your situation and prepare beforehand.