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Rent-a-car (Chibu Village)

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    • Rent-a-Cycle & Rent-a-Car
Rent a car for sightseeing on Chiburijima Island.
Being the smallest inhabited island in the Oki Islands, Chiburijima Island has a lot of steep slopes.
Renting a car can help you get around efficiently.
A lot of the roads are narrow and curvy, which is why kei-cars (5 in total) are the only type of cars available.
*Standard-sized cars are not available.

Business hours: 8:30-17:00
*Please rent and return the vehicle within the business hours.

Micro van models: Acty, Every, HIJET
Passenger car models: MIRAISE, DAYS

Accessory for rent: child seat and booster seat (free of charge)
*You are required to install the seats yourself.

*To rent a car in Japan, you will need either an international driving permit or a translation of your driver's license. Please check the rules that apply to your situation and prepare beforehand.

Basic information

Price details
★Basic fee (insurance included):
4 hours: JPY 5,000
6 hours: JPY 6,000
24 hours: JPY 9,000 (JPY 8,000/24 hours from the second day)
Extension: JPY 1,000 per hour
Fuel cost is not included in the basic fee and is JPY 20/km

★Non Operation Charge (NOC)
If the vehicle is driven back to the scheduled place of business (driveable): JPY 20,000
If the vehicle cannot be driven back to the scheduled place of business (undrivable): JPY 50,000

★For reservations, please call 090-5210-5026
★For inquiries, please call 08514-8-2359
★Reservations can also be made via the enquiry form on the website.
Meeting place
Kurii Port Ferry Terminal
Additional notes
★Early booking is recommended due to the limited number of vehicles.

★The roads on the island are narrow and visibility can be poor at many locations.
Please exercise caution to prevent traffic accidents and be careful of the roadside ditches.

Shimamori Chiburi Company (Kurii Port Ferry Terminal)


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