Rent-a-car (Chibu Village)

    • Chibu Village
The rent-a-car service in Chibu Village is operated by Shimamori Rent-a-Car (inside Kurii Ferry Terminal). There are only four vehicles available, therefore advance booking is highly recommended. All rental cars are four-seater cars. You can book directly with the rent-a-car company in Japanese (TEL: 090-5210-5026).
Business Hours: 8:30-17:00
Prices start from JPY 5,000 for four hours.
For bookings in English, please use the booking form on this website or contact Chiburijima Tourism Association by e-mail (
*To rent a car in Japan, you will need either an international driving permit or a translation of your driver's license. Please check the rules that apply to your situation and prepare beforehand.