Sea Stroll in a Kayak, Adventure Kayaking (Geo Resort Symphony)

    • Okinoshima Town
    • Marine Sports
    Sea kayaking along the eastern coast of the island!
    See the underwater world of the geopark through a completely transparent "crystal kayak," perfect for photographing and observing marine life.
    This kayak experience is rare across Japan, and not available anywhere else on the Oki Islands. Explore caves, land on deserted beaches, play in the sea, try spearfishing and kanagi fishing, and enjoy making a lunch of paella by the seaside.

    A licensed instructor will guide you the whole way.
    LSFA Certified in First Aid & CPR NEAL (Nature Experience Activity Leader) Officially Licensed Instructor
    The guide communicates in basic English.

    Basic information

    1-2 hr plan:
    Adult: from JPY 6,000
    Child (ages 12 and under): from JPY 5,000 JPY

    2 hr plan (fishing included): JPY 6,000 per person

    3 hr plan (lunch included): JPY 8,000 per person
    Meeting place
    Geo Resort Symphony

    Geo Resort Symphony


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