Yao-sugi Japanese Cedar

Yao-sugi Japanese Cedar

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Said to be nearly 2,000 years old, this tree is designated as a Natural Monument of Japan.
On the way into Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine, this tree stands just inside the Zuijinmon gate on the right, towering at 38 meters tall and around 20 meters in circumference at its base. It is the largest Japanese cedar in the prefecture. According to a legend, a long time ago, Yao-bikuni (the "800-year-old Buddhist Priestess") came to the Oki Islands from Wakasa Province, and after visiting the main shrine, she planted cedar seedlings here as a keepsake. She said, "I'll come back after 800 years pass," and since then, the tree was called "Yao-bikuni-sugi." Over time, it gradually came to be called "Yao-sugi."

Basic information

701 Shimonishi, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun,Shimane,685-17
From Saigō Port 5 min by car
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