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Where to eat on Chiburijima Island? Read to find out how to eat like a local on this small island!

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Where to eat on Chiburijima Island? Read to find out how to eat like a local on this small island!

Regardless of its size, Chiburijima Island has different food options to offer. From a quick coffee break to some fine dining experience, please read the following to find the place of your choice!


  1. Fine Dining
  2. Light Meals
  3. Cozy Café
  4. Ramen
  5. Would you like to experience local food in a different way?

Fine Dining



Enter this traditional Japanese house on the hills of the Nibu area, and let yourself be taken on a sensational food journey. Chef Satono trained in France and uses only local ingredients to build his French-inspired course meals. All vegetables and herbs are from the owner’s garden.

If you are looking for a place to hold a special celebration or enjoy a quiet meal in a very intimate atmosphere, this is the place to be. Dinner here will be an unforgettable experience and your taste buds will ask for more!

You will love the cozy atmosphere and the details of the dishes’ preparations! Perfect place for a date or a special evening with friends!

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11:30–14:00
Dinner: 18:00–21:30
*Reservation only.
For more information on Chez Sawa, see here.

Light Meals



Are you looking for an izakaya-style (a type of Japanese bar with drinks and food) restaurant? Then you should definitely come to DON-DON! You can choose from a number of small dishes or large meal sets.

The place serves extra fresh fish (raw, grilled, fried, etc.) as they catch them in the morning for your greatest pleasure. And if you don’t like fish dishes, do not worry! The restaurant also serves meat and vegetable dishes!

Open for lunch and dinner—this place is where you will always meet locals. Come in, order all the food that makes you drool, grab some drinks, and let the friendly-family atmosphere works its magic! You are in Chiburijima, relax!


There is a variety of dishes and drinks on the menu, service is quick, and you can feel the signature easy-going atmosphere of Chiburijima here.

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11:30 to 14:00 (Last order: 13:30)
Dinner: 17:00 to 21:00 (Last order: 20:30)
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday
For more information on Don Don, see here.


Dining Café DONA

The café is located inside Minshuku Nakahama as it is run by the same person.

Their original item is Chiburijima Korokke (Potato Croquettes)! In Japan, korokke are mashed potatoes mixed with beef and deep-fried! The Chiburijima version does not use beef, but either turban shellfish (sazae) or some seaweed (mekabu). There is even one type that is black in colour because it uses squid ink! This dish is only available at DONA, so hurry up and try it.

DONA also offers other dishes such as rice bowls with Oki beef slices on top (Oki Gyu Don) and Dona- style omelet on rice (omurice). Raw fish dishes are also available and vary depending on the season! All products used are organic, and the vegetables are locally grown.

Dining Café DONA

You can either take out your lunch or enjoy it indoors on the tatami-covered floors or outside on the terrace.

Business Hours:
From 11:30 to 13:30 (Last order: 13:15)
Closed on Tuesdays, during the Obon Festival season, and from November to March
For more information about Dining Cafe DONA, see here.

Cozy Café

Norari Coffee

Norari Coffee

The owners are a lovely couple who also are cattle farmers! They decided to transform a former barn where cattle feed was kept into a stylish coffee place.

The atmosphere is comfy with relaxing jazz music playing softly in the background. This place is a must-do stop after (or before) your trip to Sekiheki (Red Cliff) and Mt. Akahage. Get some tea or coffee, order some homemade desserts, and relax by enjoying the view of the port of Nibu.

For lunch, Japanese-style curry is served! The restaurant also serves breakfast, and you can choose from three options, all with locally-baked bread. Best way to start your day! The menu changes seasonally, as the owners like to use fruits or herbs that are in season and use them to create original desserts or beverages.

Norari Coffee

This is a recommended place for anyone who loves a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for some reading time or leisurely conversation.

Business Hours:
Friday 11:30–16:30 (L.O. 16:00)
Saturday, Sunday 8:30–16:30 (L.O. 16:00)
For more information on Norari Coffee, see here.


Chiburijima Ramen

Chiburijima Ramen

You read it right! Chiburijima Ramen! Yes, this remote and small island, has ramen noodles! Coming from Hokkaido, Mr. Nomoto is the mind and the cook behind Chiburijima Ramen!

One type of soba and two kinds of ramen are available for your culinary adventure! Ebi (shrimp) Soba noodles, Wakame (locally harvested seaweed) Ramen noodles, or Sekiheki Ramen (named after Chiburijima’s most famous cliff) noodles are waiting for those who thrive on spicy food!

Chiburijima Ramen

Wifi and electric outlets are available in the building, so you can charge your device’s batteries while charging your own batteries, too! There are seats available outside on the deck with a view of the sea.

Business Hours:
From 11:30 to 15:00 (Last order: 14:30)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
For more information about Chiburijima Ramen, see here.

Would you like to experience local food in a different way?

Would you like to experience local food in a different way?

Here are some proposals on how to experience the local food culture in a more “hands-on” way:

Shichimi Seasoning Making Experience: Make your own blend of this Japanese spice! Most of the ingredients provided here – chili peppers, iwanori and wakame seaweeds, Japanese pepper, ginger, fukugi spicebush, and dried yuzu citrus – are grown and harvested on Chiburijima Island.

Special Activity Menu for Guests at Minshuku Nakahama: There is a variety of activities waiting for those who stay at Minshuku Nakahama. Try your hand at those activities and experience Japanese culture and the slow life of rural Japan!

Soba Noodle Making Experience: Make soba (buckwheat noodles) using buckwheat flour from Dōgo Island and water from Chiburijima Island’s Kawai Springs.

Cooking Experience with Local Ingredients: Cook a meal using local ingredients from Chiburijima Island.

Harvesting Seasonal Vegetables and Fishing are also available. All activities require a prior reservation, so make sure to inquire at the time of booking your stay there.

Would you like to experience local food in a different way?