Shichimi Seasoning Making Experience

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    Shichimi is a blend of spices and other seasoning ingredients, widely used in Japanese home cooking. Choose your own ingredients and adjust the spiciness to your preference.
    Make your own blend of this Japanese spice! Shichimi is a seasoning blend of seven ingredients, traditionally including two types of peppers and five other seasoning ingredients. When it was first sold a few centuries ago, it was treated as a herb medicine. There is a wide variety of natural ingredients prepared for you to make your own original shichimi seasoning. Most of the ingredients provided here - chili peppers, iwanori and wakame seaweeds, Japanese pepper, ginger, fukugi spicebush and dried yuzu citrus - are grown and harvested on Chiburijima Island.

    Shichimi seasoning consists of two spicy ingredients and five "aromatic" ingredients. You can pick the ingredients according to the taste and fragrance theme you like. How about using it when cooking Japanese dishes at home? You can also add it to a soup, sauce or dip to enhance the flavour.

    *The staff speaks mostly Japanese, but is very international visitor friendly. English explanation about the ingredients and information on how to make the seasoning is provided.
    *Please let the staff know if you have dietary restrictions at the time of booking. They will arrange the ingredients accordingly.
    *The table can accommodate up to 5 participants. Groups of 6 or above will be divided into smaller groups and take turns to participate.
    *Please make a reservation by 16:00, 3 days prior to the scheduled event.

    Basic information

    Year-round (Irregular holidays)
    Adult: JPY 3,500
    Price details
    Primary and junior high school students: JPY 500
    Young participants will make a smaller portion, which will be packed in a small sealed bag.
    1 hr
    Meeting place
    Atelier SURUDAWAI