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Mt. Akahage

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    • Nature & Scenery
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    • Chibu Village
Marvel at the 360° panorama and experience the enormity of nature.
Mt. Akahage is Chiburijima Island's highest peak at 325 m above sea level. This is the best spot for seeing an amazing 360° panorama, with all four islands of the archipelago before your eyes. If the weather is good enough, you can see as far as mainland Honshu island and Mt. Daisen, a 1729-meter-high peak in the neighbouring prefecture Tottori. In the spring you can enjoy a picturesque scene of the wild radish flowers blooming all around while the cows and horses quietly graze.

    Basic information

    Chibu-mura, Oki-gun, Shimane
    From Kurii Port:
    20 min by car, then 5 min on foot
    45 min by e-bike, then 5 min on foot
    90 min on foot
    *Keep a safe distance from animals. Cows might become frightened or irritated if you get too close to them.

    This sightseeing spot is one of the sites of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.

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