Shāra-bune Spirit Boats

Shāra-bune Spirit Boats
Shāra-bune Spirit Boats

[16 August 2023]
A solemn ceremony marking the end of summer.

On Nishinoshima Island, the locals bid the spirits of their ancestors farewell using shāra-bune spirit boats on the last day of Obon. The spirit boats are handmade by local junior high school students and village elders. Laden with offerings and decorated with colourful Buddhist sutras, the locals gather in their neighbourhood in the morning on 16 August every year to send the boats off solemnly. *Ceremonies start around 7:30am (depending on the weather and area) and will be over by 8:30am *Please respect local culture and tradition.


Event Date(s)
16 August
Funakoshi / Uragō Areas
*The Bon-odori Dance is held during the Obon holiday, a nation-wide holiday during which many people visit their hometowns. This means that hotel availability is limited. Make sure to book a place to stay before coming to the islands.
*To those who plan to go to the venues by car:
The roads and surrounding areas of the venues can be very crowded. Please follow the instructions and directions given by traffic officers.
3197-14 Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Beppu Port:
7 min by car
12 min by bus

From Beppu Port:
15 min by car
21 min by bus
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