Goree-furyū Festival

Goree-furyū Festival
Goree-furyū Festival

[5th June] One of the biggest festivals on the islands

A yearly festival at Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine in Okinoshima Town.
Perhaps the most well-known festival on Dōgo Island, during which the impressive Uma-ire-shinji ritual takes place. During this ritual, sacred horses carrying deities from different areas around the island gallop through the shrine grounds. The shrine ritual is to pray for a good harvest. Other rituals that take place include a rice-planting ritual and horseback archery.

Important notice: This is a religious ceremony. Do not cross the road while the procession is walking. Do not touch horses and people that are with them. They are believed to be servants of deities, that are carried by the horses. Do not stand behind a horse, due to danger of being seriously injured.


Event Date(s)
5th June
Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine, Saigō Area in Okinoshima Town
From Saigō Port
5 min by car, then walk for 15–20 min
(Parking: the area closest to the festival is closed off. We recommend leaving your car at the parking lot by the former Okinoshima Town Hall building or Okinoshima Community Center, and then walking.)
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