Jā-maki Ritual

Jā-maki Ritual
Jā-maki Ritual
Jā-maki Ritual
Jā-maki Ritual
Jā-maki Ritual

[28 November 2021]
Local residents weave a "snake god" to ward off evil spirits, and prepare for the New Year.

On 28th November, the 7 areas of Chiburijima Island all make their own “Snake God” – a huge snake made from straw. The ritual is carried out on the same day every year. The straw snake has horns, a tongue, ears, fangs, an open mouth and mane; it looks very much like a dragon! The “Snake God” is made to pray for various things, such as warding off disease, giving thanks for the good harvest of the year, and praying for the prosperity of descendants. After making the straw snake, it is tied around a sacred tree. A new snake is made every year. The festival takes place simultaneously in each area of Chiburijima. Drop by the Chiburijima Tourism Association to get detailed information about locations.


Event Date(s)
28 November Every year
Seven areas of Chiburijima Island. Inquire at the Chiburijima Tourism Association for details.
Chiburijima Tourism Association
Chibu-mura, Oki-gun
The closest location is in Kurii Area, 2 min on foot from the port.
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