Harvest Thanksgiving Festival

Harvest Thanksgiving Festival

Enjoy delicious local produce at the harvest festival!

This event marks the start of autumnal festivals in town and locally harvested rice, vegetables, fish etc. are offered to the shrine. Next, mochi (glutinous rice cakes), which were offered to the deities, are thrown to the crowd from the hall of worship. This is said to be the mochi-maki event with the highest number of participants. Afterwards, a thanksgiving feast is held, with delicious dishes created using local produce. Highly praised local seafood and acclaimed Oki Beef, the famous local brand, is served as well.  Dōzen Kagura Shinto Dance, a designated Intangible Cultural Property of Shimane Prefecture, is also performed.


Event Date(s)
1st Sunday in November
Oki Shrine, Nakazato Area
1784, Ama, Ama-cho, Oki-gun
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