Oki Kokubun-ji Temple

Oki Kokubun-ji Temple
Oki Kokubun-ji Temple

Built under the edict of Emperor Shōmu, this is the site of the most important temple on the Oki Islands.

Excavations have confirmed this temple to be one of the Oki Islands' largest structures built during the Nara Period (710-794).
In 1934, it was nationally designated as the Emperor Go-Daigo Residence Site.
In addition, the Rengee-mai Dances, a precious performing art passed down since the Heian Period (794-1185), are performed on a special stage in front of this temple every year on April 21st. The dances have been designated as an Important Intangible Folk Culture Property of Japan. Related articles are on display in the Rengee-mai Hall located within the temple grounds.

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*Admission Fee
*Free admission on the day when Rengee-mai Dances are performed (21 April)
5 Furomae, Ikeda, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Saigō Port
10 min by car
30 min by bicycle
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