Geo Room Discover

Geo Room Discover
Geo Room Discover
Geo Room Discover
Geo Room Discover
Geo Room Discover

Discover about the Dōzen Islands before seeing the real thing!

Located at the first floor of Entô Nest, the Geo Lounge where you can sit and relax, watch the ferries go in and out of the port, is also a place where fossils from millions of years ago are being displayed. 
The Geo Room Discover zone is where you will get a chance to look deeper and discover the continuous connections from the birth of Earth until the present to 250 million years in the future, the land, ecosystem, and the lifestyles of the people here. Follow along and find the traces of the Earth’s 4.6-billion-year history!
The exhibition room is mainly focused on the Dōzen Islands (Nishinoshima Island, Nakanoshima Island, and Chiburijima Island) and brings out their highlights! The unique plants and animal, places, culture and history are all explained here.

Don't miss out on the Entô Walk
Meeting place: Geo Lounge
Time: 16:30 in Mar-Oct, 16:00 in Nov-Feb
Join a walk around the exhibition room with a guide, and find out about the origin and the unique ecosystem of the Oki Islands, and the brief history of past activities of the people here. Depending on the day, the tour might take you outside for a pleasant walk around the hotel.

Tour duration: 30–45 minutes

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Business hours
Guide availability hours
Mar-Oct: 9:30-18:00
Nov-Feb: 9:30-17:30
December: 11-13th, 19-21st, 28-31st
January: 1-6th, 10-12th, 24-26th, 31st
February: 1-2nd, 7-9th, 19-21st
March: 12-14th
From Hishiura Port
5 min on foot
(First floor of Entô Nest)
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