Takuhi Shrine

Takuhi Shrine

A shrine half hidden inside a cave.

It is said that on his voyage to the Oki Islands, Emperor Go-Toba was nearly shipwrecked but was guided to safety by sacred fire, so this shrine is dedicated to the deity of safe sea voyages. The wooden shrine building, created in 1732, is the oldest remaining in the Oki Islands, and has been designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan. The area surrounding the shrine is within a protected environmental area, and interesting flora and fauna can be observed there.

The walking trail leading up to the shrine is a short and enjoyable hike, and there are bamboo hiking sticks at the entrance of the trail to assist your hike. Please do not forget to return them so other visitors can use the sticks too!

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*Be aware that venomous mamushi (pit vipers) live on the mountain, so make sure you bring a bamboo hiking stick (available at the trail entrance) just in case. If you see a snake, do not touch or approach it.

*There are no shops or restaurants nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you.
Mt. Takuhi, Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Beppu Port
20 min by car to the carpark, then 25 min walk up the mountain

50 min by bicycle to the carpark, then 25 min walk up the mountain

Bus access is NOT available.
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