Island Hopping in the Oki Islands (4 nights / 5 days trip)

Travel slowly and enjoy the “island time"!

Island hopping is the best way for visitors to explore the four inhabited islands and immerse themselves in the nature and culture of Oki. While travelling between the islands, we encourage visitors to go to the outer deck of the ferry to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Estimated time required:4 night / 5 day trip

1 Day 1: Shichirui Port, Ferry Kuniga, 9:30 am

Day 1: Shichirui Port, Ferry Kuniga, 9:30 am

Travel by ferry from Shichirui Port (Shimane Prefecture) to Kurii Port in Chibu Village! Arrive around 30 minutes before departure.

2.5 hr by boat

2 Chibu Village (Chiburijima Island), Kurii Port, 11:30 am

Welcome to the Oki Islands!
Drop by the tourist information center on the 1st floor of the terminal building and rent a car. For those who want to hear some local stories and get some information about the geopark we recommed hiring a guide to travel with you!

10 min by car

3 Rest House Kanjima

Have lunch in a restaurant with an ocean view. Try the delicious sazae turban shells served as tempura on a bowl o rice!
*This menu requires advance booking. The tourist information will gladly do it for you, so send them an e-mail a few days prior.

15 min by car

4 Mt. Akahage

Mt. Akahage

Marvel at the 360° panorama of the Oki Islands from Mt. Akahage, and see the nearby myogaki stone walls, which are traces of a farming method practiced here since old times.

Mt. Akahage

15 min by car

5 Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

Sekiheki (Red Cliff) is an impressive sight of a volcano's cross section, and a popular spot for photography lovers.

Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

20 min by car

6 How about one more spot?

How about one more spot?

Depending on how much time you spent marvelling at the beautiful scenery, you might have some time to go to one more spot before you need to go back to the port. We recommend visiting Amasashihiko-no-mikoto Shrine (Ikkū Shrine) or stoping by at Kawai Guardian Deity Water Spring!

Amasashihiko-no-mikoto Shrine (Ikkū Shrine)
Kawai Guardian Deity Water Spring

5 min by car

7 Kurii Port, Inter-island Ferry Isokaze

Kurii Port, Inter-island Ferry Isokaze

Hop on the inter-island ferry to Ama Town and stay the night.
For detailed information on how to board th inter-island ferries check our article here.

25 min by boat

8 Stay the night in Ama Town

Get closer to the local life by having dinner at your accommodation, often prepared by a chef or the owner. Enjoy locally caught seafood, grilled Oki beef steak, and other delicacies paired with locally brewed Oki sake. Every component is a product of the rich nature of the Oki Islands.

See information about accommodation here.

9 Day 2: Explore Ama Town in depth with an English-speaking guide

Day 2: Explore Ama Town in depth with an English-speaking guide

In the morning, rent a car or use the local bus to go to NPO Oki Shizen Mura.
You can rent a car at the tourism information center (advance booking necessary). Check the bus timetable here.
Join the Guided Tour of Ama Town on E-bikes organised by NPO Oki Shizen Mura, experts on all things nature and geopark on the island. Two routes are available with one focusing on discovering the Dōzen Caldera and the other on water springs.

20 min by car

10 Hishiura Port, Inter-island Ferry Isokaze

Hop on the inter-island ferry to Nishinoshima Town and stay the night.

See information about accommodation here.

10 min by boat

11 Day 3: See the iconic Kuniga Coast both from land and sea!

Drop by the tourist information center to gather information.

Rent a car in Beppu Port. There are two rent-a-car companies located nearby.

25 by car

12 Kuniga Coast, Matengai Cliff

Kuniga Coast, Matengai Cliff

Stand on the top of the 257-metre-tall cliff and feel the enormity of the landscape created by the forces of nature over thousands of years. The trail leads through a grassy pasture, where cows and horses graze peacefully.

Matengai Cliff

10 by car

13 Kuniga Coast, Tsūtenkyō Arch

Kuniga Coast, Tsūtenkyō Arch

Walk down to the coast from the parking lot and see the huge rock arch which was created by the forces of waves and wind over many years.

Tsūtenkyō Arch

15 min by car

14 Lunch in the Uragō Port area

Enjoy fresh sashimi or other local delicacies in one of the restaurants.

2 min by walking

15 Kuniga Sightseeing Boat

Kuniga Sightseeing Boat

Join a sightseeing boat tour, look up at tall cliffs, go under arches and into caves with an experienced captain. The tickets can be bought in the Nishinoshimacho Kankokoryu Center located in Uragō Port.

Duration: 80 min

5 by car

16 Visit unique local shrines: Yurahime Shrine

Visit unique local shrines: Yurahime Shrine

Yurahime Shrine, one of the Oki Islands’ most important shrines, is surrounded by many local tales and legends and is a popular destination for many visitors. Carvings of squid decorate the shrine building and lanterns.

Yurahime Shrine

25 by car

17 Visit unique local shrines: Takuhi Shrine

Visit unique local shrines: Takuhi Shrine

Takuhi Shrine, dedicated to a deity of sea voyage, holds a special place among the many shrines of the D?zen area, which in the past served as port of call for merchant ships. Its building is partially hidden inside a cave, a sight not to be missed for culture enthusiasts.

The shrine is located in a forest on a mountain. It takes around 20-25 min to reach from the car park on foot.

Takuhi Shrine

30 by car

18 Beppu Port, ferry to Okinoshima Town

Ride on the evening ferry from Nishinoshima Town to Okinoshima Town (Dōgo Island) and stay the night.

1 hr 15 min by boat

19 Stay the night in Okinoshima Town

Day 4: Okinoshima Town

The ferry arrives at 6:30 pm, so we recommend staying close to the port area.

Rent a car and explore the western part of the island, Tsuma area.

50 min by car

20 Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls

Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls

Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls, hidden deep in the forest, are two waterfalls which flow down from a 40-metre-tall cliff and fall on both sides of Dangyō Shrine. The path to them leads through a Japanese cedar forest, with a stream quietly flowing nearby.

It takes a 10 min walk to reach the waterfalls from the car park.

*This site is currently closed due to road works. Please inquire at the tourism office.

Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls

10 min by car

21 Nagu-saki Cape

Nagu-saki Cape

Nagu-saki Cape commands a sweeping view of the sea and the Dōzen Islands in the distance. Next to the observation deck stands the nostalgic old lantern that acted as a lighthouse the people of the Nagu area used to light every day.

If you have the time and will to do some light hiking, go down the trail to the lighthouse. (one way around 20-25 min)

Nagu-saki Cape

20 min by car

22 Have lunch in the Tsuma area

Enjoy the food and get a lot of energy before the sea kayaking tour in the afternoon!

3 min by car

23 Sea Kayaking Cave Tour

Sea Kayaking Cave Tour

This tour will take the visitors along scenic coasts and inside sea caves for an exciting experience. For more information on this tour, look here.

After the tour have a relaxing coffee break in the Goka area.

45 min by car

24 Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock) Sightseeing Boat

Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock) Sightseeing Boat

A one-in-a-lifetime chance to see this magical sight.

Stay the night in Okinoshima Town

25 Day 5: Okinoshima Town, Saigō Port Guided Tour

Take a walk with an English-speaking guide through the narrow streets of the small fishing town and listen to the stories about local culture and history. (flexible starting time)

After the tour rent a car or bicycle and explore the island (Saigō area).

25 min by bicycle

26 Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine

Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine

Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine is the Oki Islands’ main general shrine.The main hall of the shrine was built in 1793 in the local Oki-zukuri style of architecture. Next to the shrine stands the massive Yao-sugi Japanese Cedar, which is said to be around 2,000 years old and is designated a Natural Monument of Japan. On your way back to the port ride through the narrow streets and explore the old port town.

Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine

25 min by bicycle

27 Lunch in the port area

Have Oki Soba noodles for lunch in the port area.

5 min by walking

28 Visit the Oki Islands Geopark Museum and the Visitor Center

Visit the Oki Islands Geopark Museum and the Visitor Center

A comprehensive exhibition about the nature, culture and history of the Oki Islands. Look back at your trip around the Oki Islands and deepen your understanding about the region through the interesting exhibits. Guided tour in English available upon earlier request for no additional fee.

Oki Islands Geopark Museum

1 min by walking

29 Saigō Port, Ferry, 15:10

Saigō Port, Ferry, 15:10

Relax in the rest area in the Geopark Visitor Center, shop for locally made souvenirs in Anki-ichi Market (2 min on foot from the port) or in the souvenir shop inside the ferry terminal.

Travel by ferry from Saigō Port in Okinoshima Town to Shichirui Port (Shimane Prefecture).

See you again!