Cycling Through Ama Town in One Day

The "must see and do" on Nakanoshima Island!

Nakanoshima Island, where Ama Town is located. Despite being the second smallest inhabited island in the Oki Islands, it has an endless charm, waiting for you to be discovered!

Estimated time required:One day trip

1 Hishiura Port, Ferry Shirashima 9:40 am

Hishiura Port, Ferry Shirashima 9:40 am

Welcome to Ama Town! Leave all your luggage at the Tourist Information Centre and get ready for the exciting one day journey!

2 min by walking

2 Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW

Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW

Get on the tour boat to see the Saburō-iwa Rocks and explore the underwater world of the Oki Islands!

Duaration: 50 mins

Saburō-iwa Rocks

Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW

2 min by walking

3 Lunch at Sentoraru-tei

Lunch at Sentoraru-tei

Enjoy your lunch at a restaurant near the port and watch the ferries going in and out of the island.


2 min by walking

4 Rent a bicycle from Tourist Information Centre

Rent a bicycle from Tourist Information Centre

Feel the fresh breeze while going around the island by cycling!

There are standard bicycles and electric-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) available for rental.

Bicycle rental (Ama Town)

10 min by bicycle

5 Oki Shrine and Tsunakake

Oki Shrine and Tsunakake

Stop by the unique Oki-zukuri architecture styled shrine that was built in the remembrance of Emperor Gotoba. Right across the road is a cute souvenir shop with delicious freshly baked goods, Tsunakake.

Oki Shrine

15 mins by bicycle

6 Picnic at Mt. Kinkōji or Akiya Coast

Picnic at Mt. Kinkōji or Akiya Coast

Immerse yourself completely in the beautiful nature of the Oki Islands! Have a nice and relaxing picnic while you forget about the busy everyday life!

You can picnic at the lookout of Mt.Kinkōji to get a nice glance of the scenic view while feeling the breeze from above. Or at the Akiya Coast, where the blue sea contrast beautifully with the vocanic rocks.

There are benches available in both places.

Mt. Kinkō-ji
Akiya Coast

15 mins by bicycle

7 Visit Uzuka-mikoto Shrine

Visit Uzuka-mikoto Shrine

Once listed as one of Japan's most important shrines. It has a unique approach where you can enjoy the view of a rice field on both sides as you walk.

Uzuka-mikoto Shrine

30 min by bicycle

8 Return the rental bicycle

Did you enjoy your ride on Ama Town? Maybe next time you can join the Eco-freindly guided tour of Ama Town on E-bikes!!

Guided Tour of Ama Town on E-bikes

2 min by walking

9 Join Entô Walk at 16:30

Join Entô Walk at 16:30

Meet at Entô BASE (Hotel lobby).

March - November 16:00 / December - February 16:30

Join a walk around the hotel with a guide, and find out about the islands' history and culture! Depending on the day the tour might take you to the Geo Room "Discover", an exhibition showing the origin of the Earth, the unique ecosystem of the Oki Islands, and a brief history of past activities of the people on the island.

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Rainbow Beach

2 min by walking

10 Relax in your room

Relax in your room

Freshen up in your room before dinner.

11 Dinner at Entô Dining

Dinner at Entô Dining

To end your evening perfectly, try a full course meal at Entô Hotel!

Entô dinner is a seasonal course meal. Enjoy the true taste of Ama Town as the ingredients are freshly picked and prepared every day following seasonal vegetables and fruits on the island! For Japanese liquor lovers, a range of locally brewed liquor from the Oki Islands is also served here!

*Advance reservation required*

Tel : 08514-2-1000

(Photo by Kentauros Yasunaga)