Cycling Through Chiburijima Island in One Day

Make your one day trip at Chiburijima worth while!

Despite being the smallest inhabited island in the Oki Islands, the beautiful nature of Chiburijima will blow you away!

Estimated time required:1 day trip

1 Arrive in Kurii Port at 11:30

Arrive in Kurii Port at 11:30

Welcome to Chiburijima Island!
Rent an e-bike from the tourism association located in the ferry terminal and explore this charming island!

You can buy drinks from the vending machine at Kurii Port or stop along the way at a small local grocery store (Nishitani Shōten) near the school where they sells some drinks and snacks.

20 minute by bicycle

2 Lunch at Rest House Kanjima

Lunch at Rest House Kanjima

Have lunch in this small restaurant located next to Chibu-no-sato Hotel.

Our menu recommendation is the Turban Shell Tempura Rice Bowl (sazae tendon). Prior reservation for this dish is required. You can contact the Chiburijima Tourism Association to arrange it for you or send us an inquiry through the inquiry form on the website.

I you want to read more about other recommended dishes please check this article.

Rest House Kanjima

45 minute by bicycle

3 Mt. Akahage

Mt. Akahage

The highest point on Chiburijima Island, it has the perfect paranomic view on the Dōzen caldera and all Oki Islands. On a fine day, you may even be able to see Shimane Peninsula and Daisen.

Mt. Akahage

20 minute by bicycle

4 Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

Sekiheki (Red Cliff) gives a dramatic view and it is one of the most famous places on the island that you must not miss!

Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

1 hour by bicycle

5 Arrive at the hotel

Return the rental bike at the Tourism Association.

Pick-up services from the port are available for almost all the accommodations (except for Koshinya Honten).

In the evening you can stroll around the hotel or even go fishing, depending on where you stay!