Bicycle rental (Ama Town)

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    Enjoy sightseeing comfortably and comfortably with an electric bicycle without worrying about time!
    Why don't you enjoy the sea breeze along the coastline while riding a bicycle?

    For those who are confident in their physical strength, we recommend the course to the easternmost point of the island, Akiya Coast.

    A spectacular view awaits you after climbing the slope.

    *Bookings can be made e-mail.

    *The E-bikes are best suited for people at least 157 cm tall.

    Basic information

    Standard bicycle: JPY 700 / 3 hr; JPY 1,200 / 6 hr; JPY 1,500 / 24 hr
    Electric-assisted bicycle: JPY 1,200 / 3 hr; JPY 2,000 / 6 hr; JPY 3,200 / 24 hr
    E-bike(electric-assisted mountain bike): JPY 2,600 / 3 hr; JPY 5,000 / 6 hr; JPY 800 / 1 hr extension
    Meeting place
    Ama Town Tourism Association
    Additional notes
    Important Notice
    Please be aware that even though powerful, the e-bike battery will not last if you plan on riding for the whole day in areas that are very steep. Make sure to consult your planned route with the tourism association staff at the time of the rental.

    Ama Town Tourism Association