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Sea Kayaking Cliffside Tour in Okinoshima Town

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    • Okinoshima Town
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    • Marine Sports
    Enjoy the mysterious and secluded sea cave surrounded by sheer cliffs!
    One of the charms of the Oki Islands is the spectacular coastal landscape formed by large-scale volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Unlike the mountain scenery covered with greenery, the coastline is constantly washed by waves, creating the magnificent view of spectacular rocks.

    2 types of tours are offered here: Cave Kayak Tour and Sunset Kayak Tour.
    The Cave Kayak Tour starts at 9:00 and 13:00, and Sunset Kayak Tour starts at around 17:00. During the tour, you will set out for the coastline and enjoy the scenery of 100m-tall sheer cliffs and the neighbouring islands. Experienced instructors who are familiar to the site will coach you on safety and accompany you throughout the tour.

    *Prior booking necessary.
    *Instructions and guiding in simple English only but international visitor friendly.

    Basic information

    Adult: JPY 7,000 per person
    Child: JPY 6,000 per person (ages 10 and above; please inquire about a plan for younger children)
    Morning session: from 9:00
    Afternoon session: from 13:00
    Sunset session: from 17:00
    2 hr
    Meeting place
    Kaiyo Sports Center

    Oki Geopark Tour Desk


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