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Sekiheki (Red Cliff) Sightseeing Boat

  • Area

    • Chibu Village
  • Genre

    • Sightseeing Boats
    • Guided Tours
    Enjoy the sea breeze and traces of dynamic volcanic activity from 6 million years ago.
    From the sea, you can see the entirety of Sekiheki (Red Cliff), extending about 1 km along Chiburijima Island's western shore. If weather conditions allow, the sightseeing boat will circle the entire island!

    You can also hire a guide (speaker of French, English and Portuguese) to enhance your experience.

    Basic information

    *The tour may be cancelled due to weather conditions during winter months.
    Without guide
    2-7 persons: JPY 6,500 per person
    With guide
    2-7 persons: JPY 8,500 per person

    *There is a group rate for groups of 8-12 persons. Please inquire through the form below.
    *Maximum number of participants without a guide is 12, and with a guide is 11.
    Your choice of departure time between 12:00 and 18:30 (this is a chartered boat).
    Approx. 50 mins
    Meeting place
    Chiburijima Tourism Association (1F, Kurii Port Ferry Terminal)

    Benten Maru

    08514-8-2272 (Chiburijima Tourism Association)