Mini Jā-maki Straw Snake Weaving Experience

Make your own charm again bad luck!

Jā-maki is a Shinto ritual held on 28th November every year in all seven districts of Chibu Village. The local residents weave a “snake god” from straw to pray for various things, such as to ward off evil spirits and pray for the prosperity of descendants.

It is said that the Jā-maki straw snake is an ancient form of the shimenawa rope, a very important part of Japanese culture. Shimenawa is a straw rope that is used to mark sacred places in the Japanese religion, Shinto, especially in shrines. A small-sized shimenawa can be seen in many other places, too, e.g. as a part of the traditional attire worn by the highest-ranking sumo wrestler during the ring-entering ceremony.

The local residents gather at a venue in each area, and hand weave the straw snake together. After the snake is made, it is tied around a sacred tree in the area, and every year the locals make a new snake. Since there are 7 areas/neighborhoods in Chibu Village, there are seven gigantic straw snakes that you can see!

Why don't you make a lucky charm straw snake in small size and take it home as a memory of your visit to the Oki Islands?


Session Time
around 3 hrs
JPY 4,500 (1-3 persons)
Included in price
All materials that are necessary to weave your own straw snake.
Chiburijima Island Tourism Association
Meeting place
Chiburijima Island Tourism Association
Meeting Place Map
Same as the meeting place

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