Kappa Sightseeing Boat

One of the best ways to explore the area around Saigō Port.

The friendly crew will show you all the points of interest scattered within Saigō Bay, either easy to miss or impossible to spot from onboard the ferries. Then, they will turn the boat around to sail up the Yabi-gawa River, all the way to Kappa Kōen Park – a place featured in a famous local legend.

Looking at the rows of ships moored at the river banks – like cars parked in front of the houses – you will thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of a fishing village with all its charms.


24 April – 31 October
Session Time
① 10:00
② 13:45
③ 15:45
45 min
Adult: JPY 1,500
Child: JPY 750
Oki Tabi Kōsha
Meeting place
Oki Port Plaza, 1F
Meeting place Access
Please gather on the first floor of Oki Port Plaza (1 min on foot from the ferry terminal) 15 minutes before departure.
Meeting Place Map

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