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Oki Islands Folk Dance: Shigesa Dance Experience (max 9 participants)

  • Area

    • Okinoshima Town
  • Genre

    • Crafts & Cultural Activities
    Experience dancing to a traditional, representative folk song of the Oki Islands: “Shigesa-bushi”!
    In the Edo period (1603–1868), the Oki Islands were a port of call on the kitamaebune trading ship route. These ships traveled between Hokkaido and Osaka, stopping in many regions along their way and bringing not only goods, but people and culture as well. Among these is a folk song culture which has been passed down to this day. One of the representative folk songs of the islands is “Shigesa-bushi,” with a distinct dance you can experience through this activity and bring a piece of island culture home with you.
    A meeting is necessary beforehand for the venue and other details. When you have decided your travel dates, please send us the following info by email.
    Email subject: Shigesa Experience Request (しげさ体験希望)
    Preferred activity date
    Preferred start time
    Number of participants
    Name of accommodation/hotel
    Your name
    Phone number for contact
    Email address for contact

    Basic information

    Weekday evenings from 18:00, 19:00, or 20:00
    Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays 

    *The activity must be booked at least a week in advance.
    *Due to instructor availability, some days may not be available for booking.
    Price per person, tax included.
    1 Participant: JPY 21,000
    2 Participants: JPY 11,000
    3 Participants: JPY 8,000
    4–9 Participants: JPY 6,000
    *A portion of the activity fee will be used toward the advancement and preservation of Oki Islands folk music.

    Price details
    Included in the fee: Instructor fee, instructor’s transportation fees, simple Oki Islands folk music handbook, activity completion certificate, commemorative photo with the instructor, smartphone tripod rental fee
    Payment method: Cash only, to be paid at the time of the activity.
    Experience: Shigesa dance (with pot lids or small plates)
    *Either pot lids or plates will be provided for the dance.
    ①Introductory explanation of Oki Islands folk music
    ②Oki Islands folk music performance (2 songs)
    ③Dance experience by participants (with pot lids or small plates)
    ④Full Shigesa dance together
    ⑤Assessment by instructor
    ⑥Awarding of activity completion certificate
    1 hr.
    Essential items
    Please wear comfortable clothes.
    Meeting place
    Transportation costs to the venue will be at the customer's expense.
    There are no age restrictions, but children of elementary school age and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.

    Okinoshima Town Tourist Association, PIC Hirano