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Sazae-mura (closed due to renovations until June 2024)

  • Area

    • Okinoshima Town
  • Genre

    • Seafood
    • Island Dishes
    • Take-out
    • Lunch
    The special Sazae Turban Shell Do-don-ga-don Rice Bowl is perfect for sazae turban shell lovers!
    Sazae-mura is the best place to enjoy sazae turban shell, which is a local delicacy of the Oki Islands. The delicious dashi broth used here are made using flying fish, and their dishes, prepared by local residents, are all highly recommended!
    The main restaurant is right at Nakamura Beach; enjoy your meal here after your morning swim!
    The new Saigō shop, opened in March 2024, is just across the street from the ferry terminal.

    *Iwagaki rock oysters are only available when they are in season (April-May).

    Click on the Eat Shimane link to access a multilingual menu.

    Basic information

    1541-3 Nakamura, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane 685-0434
    From Saigō Port:
    25 min by car
    Business hours
    11:00–14:30 (10:00–16:00 in summer)
    *Booking necessary for visits outside of the above hours.
    Prices & Menu
    Sazae Turban Shell Do-don-ga-don Rice Bowl (grilled sazae turban shell and sazae turban shell rice bowl): JPY 1,250
    Sazae Turban Shell Curry: JPY 850
    Pickled Squid Rice Bowl: JPY 850
    Bull Sumo Beef Curry: JPY 950
    Nakamura Ramen Noodles: JPY 750