Sasaki-ke Traditional Residence

Sasaki-ke Traditional Residence
Sasaki-ke Traditional Residence

The oldest wooden house in the Oki Islands.

This house was built in 1836 and features Japanese cedar bark and stone roofing. In the past, residents of this island used to cover the rooves of their houses with either thatch or bark from Japanese cedar trees. Currently, Sasaki-ke is the only remaining building in the town with a bark-covered roof. It also has characteristics unique to Oki-zukuri architecture, such as three entrances, and is designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan. Articles used in daily life that were passed down in the family are on display, including numerous important folk materials such as farming tools, eating and drinking utensils, furniture, and lighting equipment. A detailed leaflet explaining in English about the Oki-zukuri architectural style and features is available.

Car Park


Admission Fee:
Adults: JPY 300
Children, Elementary and Junior High School Students: Free
17 Kasudani, Kama, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Saigō Port
10 min by car
30 min by bus, get off at "Kama iriguchi" stop
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