Rōsoku-jima (Candle Island)

Rōsoku-jima (Candle Island)

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    • Okinoshima Town
In the instant the setting sun hits the tip of the island, it shines like a lighted candle.
Standing about 20 meters tall, this strange rock looks like a huge candle being lit on fire when the setting sun is lined up just right with the tip of the rock. The sightseeing boats schedule their departure around sunset. Bring your camera and aim for a breathtaking shot!

Related activity: Rōsoku-jima Sightseeing Boat (operating April through October).

    Basic information

    Shiro, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
    From Saigō Port:
    40 min by car
    *The Lookout Point in Ōjirobana Park is currently closed due to landslides after extremely heavy rains which occured in July 2020.
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