Mizuwakasu Shrine

Mizuwakasu Shrine
Mizuwakasu Shrine

One of the four most important shrines on the islands.

This shrine is recorded in Engishiki (the oldest shrine list in Japan) as a Myōjin Taisha, the shrine of an important deity, and was the highest ranked shrine (Ichinomiya) of the former Oki Province.
The main shrine building was constructed in the unique Oki-zukuri style and is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.
Sumo is popular on all Oki Islands, and there are many small sumo arenas near local shrines. The arena on the Mizuwakasu Shrine grounds is of high prestige among them.
It is also the location where the movie "Konshin," which highlights Oki traditional sumo, was set and filmed.

You can ask for a goshuin (red seal stamp) at the shrine office located on the right side of the shrine grounds.

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723 Kori, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Saigō Port
25 min by car
30 min by bus, get off at "Mizuwakasu-jinja-mae" stop, then walk for 5 min
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