Yurahime Shrine

Yurahime Shrine
Yurahime Shrine

The "Squid Shrine"

Although it is not clear when the shrine was built, the history of Yurahime Shrine can be traced all the way back to AD 842, and was once one of the highest ranking shrines in the Oki Islands. The shallow bay just outside the shrine grounds is called "Ika-yose-no-hama," which directly translates into "squid gathering bay." There is a legend behind the name, and it also explains why there are so many squids inside the shrine grounds... Other than squids, Yurahime Shrine is also a popular location for cherry blossom viewing in April.

*The goshuin stamp (a red seal stamp) of Yurahime Shrine is only available at Nishinoshima Tourism Association.

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*Parts of the walkway leading to the shrine are covered by moss, and can be slippery on and after a rainy day.
Urago, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Beppu Port
10 min by car
30 min by bicycle
25 min by town bus
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