Matengai Cliff

Matengai Cliff
Matengai Cliff
Matengai Cliff

The sky-scraping cliff of Kuniga Coast.

Matengai Cliff is one of the highest sea cliffs in Japan. Standing atop the 257 m high cliff, you can get a good view of Nishinoshima Island, and the neighbouring Chiburijima Island. Sometimes you can find horses and cows grazing here and in the surrounding areas. Endemic plants, such as Oki dandelion, can be found here too!

The Kuniga Coast Hiking Trail starts here and will bring you down to Tsūtenkyō Arch, and you can get a better view of Matengai Cliff near the halfway point of the trail.

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*Cows and horses are kept in this area. Please keep a safe distance from them as the animals might become aggressive if they feel irritated by human actions.

*The walking trail is not covered, and gear for all weather conditions is recommended.

*There are no shops or restaurants nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you.
Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun
From Beppu Port
25 min by car
1 hr by bicycle

Bus access is NOT available.
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