Mt. Akahage

Mt. Akahage
Mt. Akahage
Mt. Akahage
Mt. Akahage
Mt. Akahage

Marvel at the 360° panorama and experience the enormity of nature.

Mt. Akahage is Chiburijima Island's highest peak at 325 m above sea level.
This is the best spot for seeing an amazing 360° panorama, with all four islands of the archipelago before your eyes. If the weather is good enough, you can see as far as mainland Honshu island and Mt. Daisen, a 1729-meter-high peak in the neighbouring prefecture Tottori.
In the spring you can enjoy a picturesque scene of the wild radish flowers blooming all around while the cows and horses quietly graze.

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*Keep a safe distance from animals. Cows might become frightened or irritated if you get too close to them.
Chibu-mura, Oki-gun
From Kurii Port
20 min by car, then 5 min on foot
45 min by e-bike, then 5 min on foot
90 min on foot
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